Saturday, December 25, 2010

Vacation WOD #1 - Morristown

Happy Holidays everyone!

Got back into it today after two days off.  I would likely have taken those days off even if it wasn't vacation time...the "12 Days" WOD really had me limping around...sore coccyx, sore legs, sore lats, and some tight wrist pain that I've been able to work through with an occasional locust pose

I'm out of the city for ten days so I found a CF gym closer to my home.  I have to say Crossfit Morristown has a damn good thing going on.  A nice, big space with plenty of room to do high-volume metcons and stuff like we did today with teams.  If they had an early enough class during the week I would opt to work out  here at least half the time, but it just won't work out with my morning train schedule into the city for work.  So fear not Black still get all my money...

Here's the Warmup:
Three Rounds
200m row
10 box jumps
5 pullups (ringrows)

While the warmup doesn't seem like much I realized how far I have come with Crossfit.  I huffed and puffed my way through it, but I was on top of the reps and really pounded through the warmup well...kind of felt like I was actually strong enough. I got used to the mindset of always chasing I really felt like I was on top of it.  My rowing form has come a long way too.  Felt great and I was ready for the WOD...

Boy was I thrown off by the team WOD.  Here I was coming in off the street, ready to do today's WOD that was posted on the national site.  I even watched a video of a European woman pounding through the WOD with some good pointers and was TOTALLY ready to throw down some deadlifts, hang power cleans and push jerks. NEWP!  Not so fast...

There ended up being seven people in the class, so the WOD went like this: The timing of each exercise was determined by the amount of time it took one person to complete a 240-foot sled pull with 135 lbs (men) or 90 lbs (women). The length of the room was 60 feet, so you would pull one length of the room, touch the window, turn around for another length, touch the wall, then two more lengths to complete the rotation.  While the person is pulling we each did one of the following:

Dumbbell hang power cleans (55lbs - I scale to 25/20)
Pullups (Scale to ringrows) - 285
Stone shoulder (30 lbs)
Abmat situps - 298
Pushups - 364

After someone completed the sled pull you would move onto the next exercise in the rotation.  After the rest rotation you pull the sled.  We kept an aggregate count of reps as we each rotated, so since I started on stone shoulders and did nine reps, I told the next person "nine", and if they did ten, they would tell the next person "19" so we each built upon the main team count for each exercise.  Only three numbers were recorded: Pullups (285), Situps (298), and Pushups (364).  While the quantity of my reps likely didn't touch the other people's, I feel like I really held my own on form and efficiency.  It seems my leg strength, combined with my recent gains in upper body strength are helping to make major strides for me at Crossfit.  I kicked ass on the sled pulls for sure.

I like the team WOD approach thrown into the mix.  I look forward to a few good workouts in Morristown this week.  More to come soon....


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