Monday, November 29, 2010

"Cool Runnings"

One thing I've been petrified of is the amount of time we'll spend running at Crossfit.  So when I saw today's WOD on the board I struggled with the thought of even attempting this one:

Run 1600 meters
Rest 3 minutes
Run 1200 meters
Rest 2 minutes
Run 800 meters
Rest 1 minute
Run 400 meters

...but I've also been in a strong mindset of just getting out there and making SOMETHING happen.  SO I showed up, and lo and behold we had the option to either run OR row the full WOD.  While my rowing form is basically crap, I was far more willing to go the distance rowing vs. running.  So row I did, and boy was this a tough one.

Jeff Yan was on hand to coach us in form, and we even went about 500 meters or so going over all of the pitfalls of my form that were causing me to waste excess energy.  That warmup combined with my shaky form cause Jeff to scale this one for me, so after we went over form he told me to start at the 1200 interval and skip the 1800.  Winded as I was before I even started, I was nobody to put up a fight there.  I was still psyched I finished, and it seemed along the way I improved my rowing skill tenfold.

1200m - 5:35
0800m - 3:55
0400m - 1:53

I have so far to go before my rowing form is optimal, but Jeff's tips really helped me conserve enough energy to get through this one without crushing my arms or my lungs.


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