Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I Did Fran!!!

That's right people...she's been playing hard to get for a while since I started Crossfit, but Fran just couldn't stay away any longer.  Yup...I did her, and there was barely anything left of me when I was she's tough!

I hung from the bar 3x, which by itself is super-tough for me at my current weight.  My hands get shredded so quickly.  But I tried to hang on long enough to start working on the back and forth that will help me eventually get to do kipping pullups.
Also several stretch exercises with the group (death stretch, wrist work, spinal twist)
5x ring rows (3 rounds)
10x kettle bell swings (16 kg - 2 rounds)

3 Rounds for time:
Round 1 - 21
Round 2- 15
Round 3 - 9

Thrusters (RX'ed at 95, Scaled to 75)
Pullups (Scaled to ring rows)

Time: 8:08

Sara said she would stop us if we went over 10 minutes...the people in the 6:00 class were coming in anywhere from 4-8 minutes, so I don't feel like I lagged too far behind the pack.  I feel great that I at least have a reference point, and surprisingly I'm not fried from doing Fran today and the front squats yesterday.

Looks like I rest tomorrow...I'll likely be back on Friday's tough to stay away!



  1. Great finding your blog, look forward to following you. I just started cross fit here in South Jersey and I am a big guy as well. I am doing what I can but making a lot of modifications so far.

  2. Dan:

    South Jersey eh? Are you at Crossfit Tribe? Just curious because my friend Rosemary goes there. Either way don't feel like scaling the WODs takes anything away from your relative progress. Remember that everyone is only competing with themselves...elite athletes might do WODs as RX'ed, but you're getting the same percentage of benefit that they are regardless of the difference in weight, reps or anything else you scale. If you're pushing yourself and getting results, scaling is just mechanics, not a limitation in any way. Keep it up...and thanks for checking out the blog!


  3. Hey!! my friend just found your blog and we have one too! we are in the evening of day 4 of our paleo challenge!! We live in the hudson valley!! this is awesome!!! here is ours if u care to follow!
    Love Crossfit!!!

  4. ^^ I'm the friend! I LOVE your blog! Stay strong, it sounds like you're doing marvelous!
    Love Hudson Valley CrossFit's Girl 1 and Girl 2 (Katherine & Jen)