Thursday, January 20, 2011

Yeah Burpees!

Click for Burpee Fun!

What do you get when you cross two handstands, 75 bent-over dumbbell rows, a 2K run and 100 burpees? Frankly I have no idea what the name for it would be, but let's just say for me this week I call it "Wednesday".

...So I'm limping triumphantly down 6th Ave after yesterday's WOD (most days after a tough metcon I get a little victory limp going) and I'm truly overwhelmed by my morning experience.  I'll set this up by pasting the WOD as RX'ed:

Five Rounds for Time
400m Run
20 Burpees
15 Bent-Over Dumbbell Rows

I get to the typical spot in the WOD where everybody's finished and I'm still truckin my way through round 3 out of 5...and as usual everyone has been encouraging the shit out of me the whole time.  Suddenly I have Anthony on my left doing the burpees along with me, and coaching me through the db rows. Then Anthony and Tim join me for the run in the final round.  We get back upstairs after the run and they both do the final 20 burpees along with me.  I cruise through the last 15 db rows and BOOM...


Sara asked me before the WOD if I considered scaling.  "It's a lot of burpees" she said.  I waved it off and went for it.  As I was leaving  there were hi-fives all around...such a cool feeling to hit such a benchmark!

There is no way to overstate how humbled I am that these guys invested their time and energy in getting me to finish this WOD. I mean they were fucking DONE. They are not trainers. They could have walked away and still been the nice guys that they are every day.  But there's something about Crossfit that makes people really care THAT much...something that makes us a team even though we're only competing with our individual selves.  I think there's some magic in the combination of someone's excitement as they're hitting their stride with Crossfit and the excitement of others as they watch somebody go through that discovery.  There was a lot of synergy in the room yesterday, and it felt damn fantastic.


  1. As a big guy I hate burpess. Tonights workout calls for them for me.

    Great job on the workout.

  2. Reis, that is a crazy hard workout - congratulations on getting it done!!! I'm super impressed. -Rosemary

  3. Dan:

    As a fellow big guy I can assure you if I had video footage I'd be able to sell it as a comedy reel...but knees, slobber and all I got through of luck out there!

    Rosemary I got halfway up to the bar this morning on the thickest band. I finally got a foot on the road to a pullup! Thanks again for your inspiration...we should connect as I have some questions re: Paleo / Tribe / Kits etc.

    Thanks again guys...

  4. Reis, You're doing great. I love to read the stories. Keep it up. I'll be back in a few days to make my own stories of re-entry.