Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Frontin' Some Weight

Today was a skill day for the Front Squat.  I remember going over this exercise in Elements class, but I haven't done them as part of a WOD.  I had no past performance to go by, so I figured I'd start light and see what happens.  Knowing that squats and lower body stuff in general is one of my stronger areas, I looked forward to
getting the weight up there (if the form didn't cause any pain like it did unexpectedly for the last Back Squat WOD).

30 jumping jacks
25 lunges (in place, alternating legs)
leg & wrist stretches
20 PVC shoulder dislocates (est.)

95 lbs. x 6 (getting my feet wet before setting my first weight)

WOD (RX'ed as "Front Squats:  3 -3 -3 -3 -3"):

115 - 135 - 145 - 165 - 185

Once again I feel like I left a little weight on the table.  But I felt great holding my form once I got up to 185.  I need to work on shoulder flexibility so I can get (and keep) my elbows obscenely up during the squat.

I cashed out with 30 jumping ring dips, which were going well until I finished and I noticed that my forearms were scraped up pretty good from the straps holding the rings...I need to figure out something to guard against this next time...maybe a couple of those leather spiked forearm guards that the guy from Judas Priest wears...

Feelin great!

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