Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bonus WOD

So while resting my hip I won my weekly poker game on Tuesday night, which would have not happened if I was in shape to do the new Games WOD on Wednesday.  Sometimes it pays to rest :).  It felt almost weird to take a day off, knowing I wasn't coming in for the rest of the week.  And then the CF main site posts this for Thursday:

WOD - "J.T."
21-15-9 reps of:
Handstand push-ups
Ring dips

Hmmm...arms, arms, and more arms.  I texted Sara right away to ask if I was missing anything about this workout that would compromise my hip's recovery.  While I didn't hear back from her I figured even if I scaled the shit out of this one at least I'd be doing SOMETHING, and likely not putting my hip at much risk.

Sara texted me back as I was already boarding the train to NYC, but it was reassuring to see that she told me to come on in.  She would have easily told me to not be an idiot if I was going to be at any bit of risk.  So I was psyched to get my handstands on...

I didn't do much of a warmup...just some stuff with the PVC.  Sara suggested that we strongly consider 15-12-9 for the rep scheme, as she was confident that none of us would make it through to the final 9.  I felt fine scaling...I was just happy to be there and put in a third workout this week.  So scale I did.

3...2...1...GO!  I was off and, well, handstanding...I put a few plates under my head to reduce my required depth. Though I had been using three Abmats for this purpose, Sara said she didn't like using  those because if our head hit them it would go down further than our desired depth.  So I put a 45, a 25, and a 10-lb plate, which gave me like 3 inches of depth...fine for a WOD with this many HSPUs.

The ring dips were fine, as I used the thick band again.  I tried during warmups time to use the half-thick band and it was too weak, so i stuck with the thick band, even though it made the ring dips pretty easy...I still felt it in my arms, which I guess is mission accomplished.  Pushups got tough as the WOD went on, and I had to finish in sets of three.  But I finished, and with everyone's encouragement, got there before the 20-minute mark.

WOD Time - 19:57

I have zero complaints.  I got a great workout and a bonus day when I thought I had to rest no matter what.  That makes three workouts this week, which is really what I would consider my minimum at this point.  It seems like I really have to step up my game on those pushups...anytime they are in a WOD I am crushed.

Hopefully by Monday I'll be fresh as a daisy...until then...

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