Friday, April 1, 2011

Easy Dippin

Sometimes you look at a WOD and you laugh because you KNOW there's no way it's happening today.  I literally looked at it and chuckled, but I still made the journey to Crossfit NYC for some reason.  I remember thinking that maybe Sara would let me do 150 kettle bell swings for time, which is a rest day WOD I missed last month and would LOVE to do sometime...funny how you always gravitate to the exercises you're good at.  Maybe that's why I couldn't imagine doing this one, even if it was ridiculously scaled:

30 Muscle-ups for time
If you cannot do the muscle-ups do 120 pull-ups and 120 dips.

OH I see...just 120 pullups and 120 ring dips...Wasn't it Monday when I almost collapsed doing 70 pullups and 40 ring dips?, no...obviously I'm a year or so away from doing muscle ups, so I didn't even consider attempting those...

Sara mentioned scaling to 60 of each.  OK now we're talkin, even though she suggested that they needed to be strict pullups and dips.  I was happy to set up my bands and make it happen.  For the dips Sara said we could put bands across the rings.  This is something Kevin shied away from on Monday, as he said the stability of doing box dips builds strength for ring dips without the dynamic, unpredictable motion of the rings.  But in the spirit of being constantly varied, I was excited to try both approaches in the same week and see how I did.  Sara said I could break up the sets into whatever combinations made sense, so I settled on alternating sets of 10.

3...2...1...GO!  I knew pretty early on that I made the ring dips too easy with the thick band...swapping sets of 10 made the earlier rounds pretty quick.  The latter two rounds were much slower, but doing three and four reps at a time I got through it without much problem.

WOD Time: 14:42

Dare I say it, but I made this workout too easy...maybe I should have done more reps...maybe I should have used a lesser band for the last half of the dips.  I dunno...but it's the first time ever after a Crossfit workout that I was comfortably on my feet.  I guess there's something to be said for my progress, but this was much more of a strength workout than a metcon.  C'est la vie...I'm not disappointed at all...just surprised.  I'll be back on Monday to satisfy my inner masochist.  For now I'm happy to end another strong 4-day week at Crossfit on a solid note.


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