Thursday, April 14, 2011

Taking the pLUNGE

"Just so we get things straight here, you will not be able to walk tomorrow"

...such were the words of our trainer Sara as we contemplated today's creative, yet sadistic WOD:

400 meter Walking lunge

As I walked toward the Black Box this morning I saw the 6:15 class lunging their way down 6th Avenue and I knew I was in for some pain.  I was happy this past month when Kevin put some lunges into our warmup and I got through them without a problem, but this was another level entirely.  400 Meters.  A quarter mile!

3...2...1...Go! We got started and I gravitated toward the back of the pack, keeping a slow pace alongside Sam, a cool guy who does the level 2 (advanced) WODs, and had just completed the newest Games WOD.  Great...I'm pacing myself behind a guy who already finished a brutal workout...sounds about right ;)

I kept it slow & steady, and got to 1/4 of the way there when Sara dropped the bomb on me that would seal my fate for days to come - "Reis I think you should scale this one to 200 meters".  "OK" I said, knowing full well I simply had to RX this one now.  I was well behind the pack at this point and Sara told me she had to go inside with the rest of the class, so I wouldn't be able to know my time.  I was fine with this point she didn't know I intended to finish the full 400, and finishing was now all I cared about.  I waved her off and away they all went, leaving me, myself and my lunges, getting occasional encouragement from random passers by as I lunged step after step in sheer agony.

Turning the corner with the last 100 meters to go, Richard (a friendly CF regular) came back to check on me and actually cranked out a few lunges next to me.  Then Sara came running down..."I told you to scale" she said.  "I'm not responsible if you get Rhabdo".  I smiled and said "yes, you got me to this point".  She really did...thanks to Sara I've gained more confidence in pushing my limits, and while this might have flipped the equation into the danger category, I was ready to accept the pain.  I wasn't stopping now.  Lunge after painful lunge I kept at it...there was like 30 feet to go and with every step I had to wave away the easy option of quitting right then and there.  She broke up sets for me into about 10 feet at a time.  Of course for the last few steps my knee had to come down on hard metal...oh the advantages of Crossfitting on the streets on NYC...

I yelled with each final step, and embraced the pain as I finally completed the WOD, and hey...I got my time!

WOD TIME: 27:14

My legs are I sit in my sedentary job atmosphere I feel the tightness rolling in like a fog over my legs.  I'm doubling the stretch/mobility sessions tonight.  If I don't get ahead of the recovery curve this one could take me out for days...

I love it :)

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