Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Deadlifts...We Meet Again

I should've shown up to the gym today in warpaint.  The deadlift singles would stop eluding me today.  This was the day.  The day we turn the dial from "heavy" to "fuckin heavy".  I told Sara I was going to start with a few warmups with the bar and then some light weight before I really got to work.  With this being my first foray into deadlifting after my hip issue, there was no reason to get stupid.

Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

Sara paired everybody up, but she let me have my own bar.  I had a little talk with the bar about playing nice, and I got started setting up.  I threw a couple of 25s on just so I could review some form and get comfortable, then start the jumps toward heavyland.  My last deadlift singles were on January 26th and I pulled 315 lbs, so I was ready to see what a few months of Crossfitting was going to do to that PR.

Warmup: 95×1 – 185×3

Feels good...check.  No hip weirdness...check.  Time to get going.

WOD: 235 – 275 – 295 – 325* – 345* (*1-Rep Max PR)

The first five sets were pretty much a breeze.  No problem dusting my former PR by 30 lbs with two pulls to go.  My jumps in weight up until this point were anywhere from 20 to 40 lbs.  Hmmm...345 felt pretty damn good.  Time to turn the dial a bit.  Let's see if 30 more lbs would bury the needle...


Wow.  That was sick.  Came up feelin great, full extension, but I felt my grip slipping on the way down.  I needed to pay super-close attention to that for the next pull.  We can't drop weight at the Black Box so we need to put the weight down as carefully as we pull it up.  But man I did it...375.  The question remained, was I able to pull heavier?  I didn't feel strained, and 375 didn't feel like it took absolutely everything I had, though we were definitely in the fuckin heavy zone.  I grabbed a couple of 5s and slipped them onto what was left of the bar...I made a comment that it was comical how many plates there were on the bar and here I am throwing on a couple of 5s.  I think I took a little too much time setting up.  A few extra breaths and all of a sudden here comes the CF Endurance team up the stairs...now I've got a crowd, a ridiculously heavy bar, and sudden pressure to pull this quite insane amount of weight.  I blocked it all out, grabbed the bar, tightened up, and pulled....


Up it went, I pulled, pulled more, got up...further up...grabbed with everything I had and shot my hips up for full extension.  People were clapping as I searched for that full standing position...

...I blinked and I looked up.  The weight was on the floor and there were smiles all around.  I searched out Tim in the crowd of folks at the top of the stairs.  I asked him if I got full extension and he winced a little as if to say "not really".  Then everyone was hi-fiving me and congratulating me and I still didn't know if I actually lifted this weight.  Sara said there was no doubt I made the lift.  Hari, co-owner of CFNYC said he wouldn't have called the rep back if it was competition...he didn't see why I would question it at all.  Frankly I was just so in the moment that I had no idea how far up I really got.  It definitely didn't feel as solid as 375, but I'm not going to argue with Sara and Hari.  Hari said "How do you feel about adding those 5s now?"  He was so right.  Once you get into the zone of your PR every added pound of weight can be the difference between feeling like a superstar and getting your soul crushed.  It's pretty amazing.

What a great day.  I'm psyched to have the confidence and the training to make these big breakthroughs.  It's so obvious how huge regular Crossfit training is for major fitness gains.  I can't imagine what I'll be deadlifting by the end of this year, but something tells me there's going to be a 4 in front of the number.

Until then...

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