Friday, April 22, 2011

Not-So-Gently Down the Stream

I completely get it when even elite Crossfitters complain about running.  Long runs are brutal...hell, even sprints aren't much of a party.  But I can get into some rowing bigtime, and I'm surprised that so many CFers also hate to hit the rower.

It was a pretty mellow Friday at the Black Box.  I was excited to see what rowing a 2k would be like.  I walked in to five empty rowers and a few folks milling about, either doing strength work or recovering from today's WOD:

WOD: Row 2K

I was lucky to see Tim, who clued me in on some tips for pacing.  He helped me visualize the WOD in steps.  I knew I was going to pace myself right out of the gate, but breaking it up in my mind into four separate 500M rows helped me gain some perspective on when to cut loose, when to keep a steady pace, and for the last 200M just go balls to the wall.

Rory and I were the only ones who showed up for the 7:00 class (very rare for a non-rest day).  Sara didn't have much to impart as this was a straight-forward as it gets.

3...2...1...Go!  I started out at a solid pace, just ahead of Sara's recommended pace of 2:00 (the rower paces according to 500m increments, and I've done as well as 1:45 when I'm all-out shredding).  I recalled Kelly Starrett's video on rowing technique, and his emphasis on staying "tall" and only hinging on the upper body motion.  I got so much more out of my strokes on this one piece of advice alone.  I felt an efficiency on the rower for the first time.

The combination of Tim's advice, my choice of pace, and Starrett's gems really put me in a confident space that I would oblierate my expectation of 10-15 minutes for this WOD.

Wod Time: 7:47

Whaaaaat???  I mean that is just a bit silly.  Rory and I actually clocked in at exactly the same time.  I couldn't believe it.  I mean I'm no firebreather but that is far above my expectation for this (or any other rowing) WOD.  I ended up doing five sets of five thrusters as a cashout because I had so much time left after I was done.  Craziness...

Well sometimes I surprise was definitely one of those days.  I'm happy that one man's goat is another man's strength, and it seems when it comes to both handstand pushups, thrusters and rowing, I'm having a much better time than most.

See you next week :)

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