Friday, February 11, 2011

Front Squat Friday

Not Reis
What a cool, mellow morning today at The Black Box. Not a lot of people, and plenty of space to get your warmup on, and get into some serious front squats.  It's another rest day for the CF Main Site so as usual NYC has a skill day.  Our skill for the day?  The front squat.

Front Squats (Seven rounds of three)
3 3 3 3 3 3 3

My most recent session with rounds of three front squats yielded a PR of 185 lbs.  I was definitely looking to break that record today, as I've been getting more comfortable pushing the weight higher.

Handstands (x3) (I attempted some handstand pushups with three stacked abmats to support my head.  Sara said from now on when the warmup calls for handstand attempts I should do hree handstand pushups with the abmats)
Pushups (10)

Elbow Stretch (30 seconds) x2 (we got in rack position under the bar and just stretched our elbows forward and up, to try and loosen up for the front squats).

Front Squats
Warmup Sets:  10 x 95 - 5 x 115

WOD:  135 - 155 - 175 - 185 - 185 - 195 - 200 (3-rep max PR)

Wow...that was some weight for sure!!  I feel great getting into the zone where I can really start establishing my benchmarks with the lifting exercises.

I was able to fit into the 3X Crossfit shirt I bought from the main site last month.  When I got it in the mail I laughed because I'm a comfortable 3X across most brands, and this thing barely fit over my chest and not at all around my belly.  SIZING FAIL!  Either way I decided to try it on last night and BOOM...IT FITS!  So I sported it at the gym today.

Feelin great, hittin PRs, setting new benchmarks...a great week all around!

I think I'll get into some more diet stuff over the weekend.  It's such a big part of my daily life and I feel most of my posts have been CF-centric as of late.  Expect some of that soon.

Thanks again for checkin out the blog!  Enjoy your weekend...


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