Friday, February 25, 2011

Heavy Lifting on a Mellow Friday

Sara asked me in front of the class today where you place the bar to get it into the low-bar position. I said "keep placing it lower until your shoulders are writhing in pain, then go lower".  I had such a tough time with my shoulders the last time I back-squatted that I didn't even get close on the weight I was capable of squatting.  But every lifting experience is a learning experience, and I went into today with an open mind, hopeful that I could move past the pain and really get into some heavy lifting.

Chris and Lucio, regulars from my class, were super-helpful in getting me comfortable with my form.  We started off light and built up to some decent weight once we all felt warmed up.  Seems thanks to the strength and flexibility in my posterior chain I was in store for a nice surprise as far as the loads were concerned.

Back Squat


Warmup - Sets of 5:
95 – 135 – 155

WOD: Sets of 3
165 – 185 – 205 – 225 – 245 (new PR!)

Sara laughed at me and said my last set at 245 looked like a warmup.  Seems consensus was that I could easily have squatted 300.  But I'll take the new PR, and now I know what I'm shooting for next time.

I'm psyched that my shoulders weren't botherihng me this time.  I felt great, and all the feedback was positive. Solid WOD!

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