Friday, February 18, 2011

Kelly Kicks Me in the (Wall) Balls!!

So the calf pain has diminished, but it's definitely still there...and I figured if I did today's WOD as RX'ed it would come out of hiding in a big way.  So I was curious how we were going to scale this one.

WOD - "Kelly"

Five rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
30 Box jump, 24 inch box
30 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball

Sara said as much as she knew I wanted to do the box jumps (especially based on last week), she'd prefer I did step ups today and hit the wall balls as RX'ed.  I was a little bummed, but there's no need to push it, and it would be ideal to come back next week and have no more pain to deal with.  We also agreed rowing for the runs was mandatory.

During the warmup I cranked out three sets of three handstand pushups, which felt great, and Matt (one of the CFNYC regulars) suggested I remove one of the mats.  I typically load up three abmats to go below my head so my pushups have minimal dip, but I guess it would be fun next time to see if I can make those happen with two.  No need to rush, that's for sure...we'll see how I feel.

3...2...1...Go!  I was off at a blistering pace as usual...I knew I should settle into a pace that wasn't going to make the stepups or wall balls any tougher, but it felt good to row quickly.  Here are my row times for each set: 1:27 - 1:42 - 1:42 - 1:44 - 1:44

The step ups got harder in round three, and I found myself doing them 5 at a time...the second and third rounds of wall ball were challenging, but Sara said my reps were looking good, which probably influenced me in rounds 4 & 5, because I somehow was able to crank out 10 at a time instead of 5, which is how I typically roll with wall balls.

Props to Tim and many in the morning crew who egged me on for the last round.  Tim really helped me pound through the rowing...he also stepped up opposite me to get me through those, and Sara finished me off during the wall balls.  I was really spent for a few minutes after this one, but my calf felt great and I was psyched to squeeze in another WOD this week.

WOD Time: 34:18

Tomorrow we travel to NC for a few days and I'm back for more on Tuesday.  I'll likely do every day next week as my wife and son don't return until Saturday.  I was even thinking of doubling up on Tuesday to get some skill work in after office hours...we'll see how that goes.  For now I'll say this week was great...Eva and Kelly kicked my ass and I was careful enough with my leg to hopefully be back next week 100%.  WORD

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