Friday, December 10, 2010

Scotch Night

So here we first departure from Paleo in over a month. Every month a "scotch club" gets together in my area to sample different types of scotch whiskey. I've skipped the last couple but tonight it was combined with a 19-man dinner with good people in a cool restaurant. So "fuck it" I said...while I stuck to it with the food (fantastic grilled chicken over warm arugula) I sampled two mighty tasty scotches, and I couldn't feel better about it. Better because I know it's a momentary indiscretion, and just because the majority of my intake is Paleo doesn't mean I can't have controlled departures while still hitting my fitness goals.

So here's to a successful cheat...good people, great scotch, and still high from my completion of today's WOD, which was the toughest I've endured yet...

rock on...

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