Thursday, December 16, 2010

WOD 2010-12-16 "For Load and For Time"

So basically I view every pullup as a weighted pullup.  When you tip the scale at over 300 lbs that's just the way (weigh?) it is. So when I see "weighted pullups" on the WOD I just think "Pullups".  And when I think pullups I think ring rows, because I don't have pullups yet, even with the widest support band.  I'll get there, but I need to challenge myself more on the ring rows (lower to the floor, more reps at a time).  Today I took some steps in that direction, even if the result was a bit sloppier than normal.

Warmup - Three rounds of:
10 Kettle Bell Swings
10 Good Mornings

Today's WOD:
Three rounds of:
10 Weighted pull-ups
30 Back extensions

My time: 8:20

I'm happy that my time came in under 10 minutes, which Sara said was required.  I really got after it on the back extensions.  The last 15 or so were tough, but I was able to crank them out five at a time.

Already psyched for tomorrow


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